Thursday, May 7, 2009


Seemed like a fun way to procrastinate and take up some time while Astrid's dad is over ripping apart our kitchen.

Take your answer for each of the following 12 questions and do a google image search of it:
  • name -- Robyn Scott
  • favorite food -- Strawberries
  • hometown -- Yellowknife
  • favorite colour -- Purple, especially Aubergine
  • favorite movie -- Pan's Labyrinthe
  • favorite drink -- Any type of smoothie, mmmm fruit
  • dream vacation -- Greece
  • favorite dessert -- Chocolate Banana Cake
  • self description -- Vintage lover/dreamer
  • how you are feeling -- Romantically confused
  • favorite thing in the world -- Chocolate, nom nom
  • what you want to be when you grow up.-- Occupational Therapist

- then go here to make a mosaic of it all!

In other news, I have finished a couple of dresses, and WILL post the pre/post pictures. I swear.