Monday, June 22, 2009

Final 2...

Of Kelsey's dresses that is...

I'm really bad at the whole posting thing, and I feel that now that I have started my actual work, my posts may be even less.

Anyway, without further delay here are the last two dresses I have hemmed for the now Europe bound Kelsey (jealous much?). Oh, and please ignore the random quality of these photos...I need a new camera badly.


And this:

Became this:

In other news, I was in a car-on-car collision today and am pretty much just pleased to be alive and uninjured. And by that I mean, I hope you're all enjoying life to the fullest!


Friday, June 5, 2009


Sometimes I like to make people things. Actually, I like making things for people a lot. There is something to be said for putting in a little effort into making something that you can give away to a person who you know will be grateful.

The following are just three wee stuffies/pillows I made for my Erin, Heather and Kelsey.

Erin moved away to SFU in the spring for school, and as she is rather attached to our cat Smudge I chose to make her a little 'bean cat' replica of him that she could take with her.

That lead me to just wanting to make something cute for Heather too. So flying elephant it is!

And well, as for Kelsey, she likes owls. I like owls. I especially like making owl pillows. Especially when they look kooky like this one:

All stuffy/pillow's are made of arctic fleece with felt for detailing and regular ol' pillow stuffing for the cushy goodness. As far as making a pattern goes, I would recommend using newspaper to cut out ideas and from there alter to your requirements.

Monday, June 1, 2009


ALRIGHT! I've finally gotten around to posting a couple of the dresses I've altered for Kelsey; breakthrough non?

Both of these items we discovered on a lucky visit to The Patch during their 10 bones per stuffed bag of clothing sales. When you really put the effort in it is amazing what you find, and more amazing what people get rid of. Which reminds me, the next time I visit my Granny I'll be bringing home all of my mother's vintage dresses.

Anyway, on to the dresses:

The following one is a lovely flowing thing smocked at the waist with ruffles around the neckline and a decorative tie.

Seeing as Kels just wanted it chopped all I had to do was take some fabric out and hem it.

The second one I hemmed was a homemade beauty, it looked lovely as a maxi dress, but maybe not so good on us tall ladies, so hem hem away.

Et voila, c'est bon!

I adore the pattern on both, and secretly (or not so secretly) wish I had been the one to find the homemade post-maxi dress. I'd like to say Kelsey and I will swap clothing and share, but she's off to Greece and then London in less than 3 weeks for two years. Bummer. Oh well, at least now I have the excess fabric that I can make things with. I'm skirt with the darker fabric, and...head bands or other decorative accessories with the lighter?