Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Living with Chronic Bitchface

I saw this over at Quite Cheeky and couldn't help thinking of a couple of lovely ladies I know that have the Bitchface affliction and couldn't keep myself from sharing this here.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

couldn't wait till caturday

I want a kitty so badly! I miss having ol' smudger around, and wish my bf wasn't allergic to them so that we could have cuddles all together!

This little gent would have been the perfect addition to my little house with our resident mice:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

sometimes the fashion industry slays me

I have ranted to a few people about this already, so I'm sorry if you've already heard tirade. So I work at a pretty fancy clothing company that has stores all over the world. When an item is damaged (and is not repairable or dry-cleanable) instead of say, donating the item to a local women in needs program, our managers have to shred the items by scissor. Which I might add, they take no pleasure in. And to be honest, some of the items defects aren't that noticeable.

Earlier this week we had a regular come in because she was annoyed with how a $359 hand-knit wool sweater she bought (on sale) had begun to pill. COME ON. Natural fibers pill! And there are fabric shavers available for under $12 at the local hemming shop. Now I guess I can understand that if you're spending quite a bit of money on an item you will want it to hold up, but after having looked at the item...I don't see any issues with it. The pilling is manageable and makes it look more loved, adding to the style of the sweater. My first problem with this entire issue is that she bought the sweater 4+ months ago...we have a 30 day return or exchange policy. As a regular, she is fully aware of this but expects us to do whatever she wants. I think this is totally abusing our good nature and think someone needs to stand up to her about it. My second issue...because she has worn it and probably washed it over the past four months, there is no way we can put it back on the floor. So damaged bin it is! And I can just hear the scissors now...god damn. I wish there was some way that we could (as employees) purchase the sweater at a discount and then at least someone else could enjoy what a wonderful item it is. But nope. OR, I wish our manager could turn a blind eye so that we could take it out of the store...but that would be against our policies, obviously, and I wouldn't want her to get in trouble because she is awesome.

THIS is why I wish we had a donation program in order. It would enhance the name of the company within the community, and help numbers of women out there who say, need a nice top for a new job interview they may be facing. OR SOMETHING.

UGH...goodbye beautiful sweater:

Monday, March 14, 2011


I love the length of her hair....but I must not chop mine off! Also...her hair looks quite fine, I'm sure my thick hair would take this cut to new volumes...and not necessarily in a good way.

keepsake box

This is so lovely, I wish I had a little box like this to keep little treasures I find in. I already have at least four of these items either in my own little safe place or around my parents house.

lip colour

Some of these are so perfect for spring...and as it happens, I just went out and bought myself the new Covergirl balmy lip gloss in anemone to accomplish the bright lips look for spring. The colour is perfect, not too overpowering at all:)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Every day I...

Alphonse Mucha

His work continues to amaze me, I love the details and the softness of it all. I was given a lovely calendar for Christmas with his artwork, and I think after this year is done I will take it a part and frame the ones I love the most.